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Architecture - Career Opportunities & Educational Information

Architects plan, design, and supervise building construction. So, architecture students can create and design these buildings and other structures. Besides, architects design buildings and supervise construction. Thus, if you're smart, diligent, and creative, being an architect may be for you. However, to practise architecture means to design human-occupied buildings and the environment around them.

Progress of an Architect's Career

In the field of construction planning, you can begin your career as a trainee. Thus, after gaining suitable experience, choose top managerial positions. For instance, including many projects in your CV improves and creates more favourable employment chances for designers.

A structural engineer

Architectural engineering is the area of expertise for an architect. For instance, by creating structures that raise the standard of living and promote quality of life. Additionally, it applies science and technology to the real world. Also, an architect engineer integrates several building systems, including structural, electrical, mechanical, lighting, acoustics, and fire protection.

Building Designer

An architect is a creative person who collaborates with a customer to create a building's interior and exterior. Similarly, architectural designers create both public and private structures, including those for business and industry.

Architectural Designer

For their projects, architectural draughtsmen are in charge of producing construction documentation and drawings. Further, they create construction-related documents that fully incorporate the various stages of the design process. Additionally, they carry out inspections that are necessary for quality control.

Interior Decorator

Interior designers choose ornamental elements like colours, lighting, and materials to make interior spaces aesthetically pleasing, functional, and safe. Also, they must be able to interpret designs and be conversant with inspection rules and building laws.

General Contractor

The supervision of the construction of both new and existing buildings and structures falls under the purview of building contractors. In addition, a contractor aids in planning and overseeing every aspect of a construction site.

Assistant in architecture

An architectural assistant works alongside licenced architects or in allied industries like construction or facilities management. Moreover, every phase of the architectural process requires the creation of layouts, sections, drawings, and other materials by the architect.


How do you become a designer?

Clear 10+2 examination

High school students frequently don't know how to become an architect. So, your initial question about what an architect's career performed, is already been answered in this article. Now, we will precisely outline how to launch a profession as an architect. Further, the first step is to pass the 10+2 exam in physics, chemistry, and maths with a combined score of 50% or more.

A test for admission

After finishing class 10+2 or while taking the 10+2 exam, students must prepare for and participate in NATA. However, students must receive a NATA score of at least 40%. (National Aptitude Test in Architecture). Likewise, each person who chooses to pursue additional architectural education must pass the NATA. For instance, there are numerous other entrance exams that the NTA, universities, and colleges conduct for admissions.

Entrance exams for architects:

  • Architecture JEE Main (Joint Entrance Examination Main)
  • NATA: National Aptitude Test in Architecture
  • AMUEE: B.Arch. entrance examination at Aligarh Muslim University
  • GAT: B.Arch. Gitam Aptitude Test.
  • TNEA B.Arch Exam: Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission for B.Arch Examination


After passing the NATA with an overall score of 40% or higher, students must apply for admission to the bachelor's programme. So, the well-liked architecture bachelor's programmes are listed below.

List of Undergraduate Courses for Building Designers

  • B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture)
  • B.Plan. (Bachelor of Planning)
  • B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) Construction Engineering
  • B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) Ocean engineering and naval architecture

After Bachelor

One can choose from a variety of possibilities after receiving their bachelor's degree to guide their career. However, the two primary alternatives for a career path are listed below:

  • Choice 1

Students might choose to pursue a Master's degree in the relevant specialisation after earning a bachelor's degree in architecture or planning. As a result, they can begin working in the sector at the entry level after earning a master's degree.

  • Choice 2

Candidates can start working in the industry with an entry-level position after earning a bachelor's degree. Furthermore, they can also decide to continue their studies and work toward a master's degree in the pertinent subject of study after gaining some experience.

List of Postgraduate Courses for Building Planners

  • M.Arch. (Master of Architecture)
  • M.Plan. (Master of Planning)
  • M.Plan. (Master of Planning) Rural and Urban Planning
  • M.Tech. (Master of Technology) Construction Engineering

B.Arch at accurate


A career in architecture is appealing, rewarding, and offers a lot of development possibilities. The architecture degree from a college of repute, also satisfies the educational criteria of professional certifying bodies because of the methodology it employs.

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