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Occupation Challenges for New Engineers in Delhi NCR

There is a lot of discussion around engineering, engineers, and engineering jobs. Recent high-school pass-outs now would be planning on giving their career the right direction. Some would be looking for the best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR to continue their higher education from reputable institutes.

If you are all set and mentally prepared to step into the engineering world, you must be aware of the occupational challenges that engineers face in their daily lives.

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Occupation Challenges for New Engineers

Lack of skilled engineers

Delhi NCR has several engineering colleges, and lakh engineers graduate each year. Yet, a few of them secure themselves a job. No matter, engineers are among the most demanded professions. However, in reality, the engineering market is fighting against a broad talent and workforce deficit. The demand for talented engineers is now on a constant rise.

Even after the students earn a B.Tech degree, they lack some essential skills that would land them good jobs. Further, they need to undergo a compulsory six months to one-year training. This is a headache for firms. Therefore, they push freshers away with the simple term "experience." Yes, several firms are hiring freshers, while the package may not be satisfactory.

Hence, it is the student's responsibility to equip themselves with strong skills and add internships to their resume to make their profile strong. Students mustn't limit themselves to the course curriculum. And instead, they must work on adding relevant skills and internships so that firms can't reject them.

Challenges for New Engineer

Outdated syllabus

Technology is evolving rapidly, but college curricula are not adapting proportionally to these changes. So, how can engineers live and compete with those using a 10-year-old curriculum? Hence, you need to be proactive as an engineering student and keep an eye on the latest trends prevailing. You can enrol in various courses that offer you exposure to the current engineering world. Doing so increases your chances of employability since you are acquiring new skills and are constantly updated with the latest skills.

Lack of industrial or real-life exposure

It is needless to mention that engineering students already know that the engineering world is beyond what they have studied in their books. Still, some students ignore this fact and don't try to polish or enhance their skills that might significantly impact their employment chances. Moreover, most engineering schools in India provide either no or inferior internship chances, and most engineers have no idea what the industry entails. So, this creates employment challenges.

Theory Vs. Practical

The majority of engineering institutions and their boards seldom consider giving students sufficient time for a practical approach. Practical experience and real-world applications are lacking in the majority of engineering schools. So, when students face any interview, due to a lack of practical knowledge, they might fail to get a job. Engineering jobs deal with practical knowledge, and theory knowledge supplements practical knowledge.


The vast majority of Indian engineering students cannot function without stringent rules. So this is an issue for the majority of product-based businesses. Engineers must be competent, think beyond command, bring innovation, and not just obey orders.

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Final Say

So, this is all about the occupational challenges a new engineer faces. It is imperative to note these points and ensure that you mustn't commit the same mistakes and focus on getting practical exposure along with focusing on grades.

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Title: Occupation Challenges for New Engineers in Delhi NCR

Published Date: 27 May 2022

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