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Digital Marketing and E-commerce. Top trends in Management courses.

What is digital Marketing?

MBA Digital Marketing is a specialized program designed for students who want to learn about the numerous aspects of the digital marketing field. It is concerned with the expansion of various brands or products through various digital media platforms. In terms of personal and professional development, this two-year program is regarded as one of the most sought-after MBA degrees. Students in the MBA Digital Marketing program are prepared for a job in the field of technology and advancements.

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What is E-commerce?

MBA E-Commerce is a course that acts as a springboard for entrepreneurs and other business professionals who want to broaden their reach by utilizing the Internet and the Online Marketplace.

Specialized Knowledge of Strategic Marketing and Sales, Proficiency in numerous Computer Programming Languages, and the capacity to conduct extensive Operational Research through the use of Programs and Algorithms are some of the specific skills that a student of this course can learn.

MBA E-Commerce courses encompass a wide range of disciplines, from business management and market research to programming languages and website development.

MBA in Digital Marketing and e-Commerce programs seek to provide managers with a strategic and worldwide perspective, as well as in-depth knowledge of numerous company departments such as Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, and Commerce. Our students have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse themselves in a digital world and, as a result, improve economic performance by bringing together online and offline products and services given by a company or organization.

Professionals who utilize the knowledge gained throughout this master's program are significantly more likely to advance in their careers due to the integrated vision of all the resources needed to achieve success. Begin your academic career with Accurate Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT), one of the best Business schools, which allows you to get education at the highest level, with the daily help of all our professors and experts.

Major Objectives

1. Establishing, managing, and controlling the major financial parts of a company.

2. Developing a global perspective and, as a result, stimulating critical thinking.

3. Knowing how to manage all of a company's departments.

4. Developing leadership skills.

5. Managing corporate social responsibility effectively through evaluation and implementation.

6. Having a strategic understanding of the tools for communication, control, quality, and organizational change.

7. Learning the most efficient online marketing strategies, such as CRM, web usability, analytics, and social media.

8. Understanding online marketing's strategies.

9. Applying the fundamental criteria of a good website’s design and management.

10. Choosing the best online advertising methods to help you reach your goals.

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Future Jobs in Digital Marketing and E-commerce

Digital Marketing and e-Commerce allow you to hold any job in the business management industry, such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Supply Chain, in both private and public enterprises, on a national and international scale. Furthermore, our students will gain an important global perspective that will be very useful in positions such as Project Managers, Marketing Directors, Communication Directors, Heads of websites, Webmasters, Marketing Campaigns Managers, Account Executives, Analysts and Consultants, Developers, Information Architects, Designers, Layout Designers, Copywriters, Product Managers, Directors of online stores, and creating their own online businesses.


Admission for Digital Marketing and E-commerce Certification

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be admitted to any of our master's programs:

Students who are holding a degree.

Students pursuing a final year graduate degree or an equivalent higher education title.

Foreign students with an equivalent degree must provide documentation.

Professionals/Executives with a well-established position in the sector.

If you do not meet any of the above standards, please contact the school, and the admissions department will assess your case on an individual basis.


MBA in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce is one of the top specializations for a brighter future. Accurate Institute of Management and Technology is one of the leading MBA colleges in Greater Noida. AIMT provides Digital Marketing certification. AIMT is an AICTE-accredited college. An MBA in Digital Marketing and e-commerce exposes students to key business themes such as Data Analytics, Managing Technology, and strategic management, as well as extra-specialized ecommerce studies such as forecasting technology.

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