Accurate group of institutions located in 49, knowledge park III, Greater Noida celebrated WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY (5TH JUNE.18) with full of energy and enthusiasm.

5th of June is observed as the world environment day by the United Nations. It was first incorporated in 1974, this day is dedicated towards creating awareness on environmental issues like global warming, ozone layer depletion and desertification.

The World Environment Day seeks to bring all a heightened awareness and understanding of the environment and the problems that besiege it. World environment day has grown to become a global for public outreach, total 143 countries participate annually and each year any one nation hosts the world environment day.

This year the global theme on the world environment day was-

#BeatPlasticPollution and this year the host nation is India. Its aim is to reduce heavy usage of plastic, since the plastic bottles and disposables have severe effect on the environment. The theme major focus is to teach citizens that over-reliance on plastics can be extremely hazardous and dangerous for the society.

The program at the ACCURATE GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, GREATER NOIDA was inaugurated by the group director of the institution Ms. POONAM SHARMA there was a good amount of participation from its college students followed by plantation of trees inside the premises for promoting greenness and afforestation.

The group director, Ms. Poonam Sharma on this occasion addressed the students and told them about how we as an individuals can take the initiatives and protect our environment and can help for the betterment of the society as well as the environment.

She urged all her students and teachers to plant more and more trees and told them the importance of afforestation, she later talked about global warming and mentioned about its side effects and discussed with the students on what steps can we take to protect our environment. She motivated students about how a single and small effort made by all of us can bring about a drastic change and how we all together can become a part of contribution for such a noble cause.

On this occasion all the group directors, faculty members and students were present and they actively participated in this program. They all planted trees and learned the importance of plantation and greenery and made the occasion memorable.

At the end of the program all the students took the pledge to help protect their environment and to make small efforts to save our mother land and make it clean, they even pledged to plant more and more trees and even the young minds took the responsibility to look after each and every trees planted by them and take care of them.

All the faculty members of the institute promised to look after their beautiful earth, and even stated that they’ll make every efforts to help keep our mother land safe and protected, the teachers even insisted everyone that it is not a single effort, with a very optimistic attitude they said if we all work together and take that first step together then we can definitely save our planet. We people are so lucky because nature is such a beautiful gift we humans have received by our mother planet so it is our responsibility to take full care of it and maintain its beauty.

World environment day is a day of everyone across the globe to be a full in charge of their environment and to actively engage themselves in order to protect our earth.

After so much of participation and enthusiasm, the program of Accurate Group of Institutions came to an end all the hard work and efforts made by the students was highly appreciated by the group directors and the teachers with huge round of applauds.

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