Let them fly

By Mar 3, 2017


On the occasion 14 Nov  that is a children’s day. we the students of PGDM 1st year initiated a program by the name let them fly”.  We collected fund form our collage & including faculty members.So we collected handsome amount with the contribution of student and faculties.and we purchased toys, gift, caps  from contributed amount . After that we  visited the orphanage on 14 nov 2016 & there we organized events like spoon race, hurdle race , hide and seek and other fun events for the children and distributed gifts to them.
That was a tremendous visit to “Let them fly” we  shared our feeling to the kids and motivated them to be Positive thinker in  life. We are very thankful to our collage to make a part of this event. We done a calm appeal to the people to take participate in this event organize in the future.




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