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Engineering as a career has multiple benefits like easy employability, high salary ranges, and working with the smartest professionals to contribute to the global mobility of output. Engineering encompasses prospects that can change a student's life, for good. 

Unfortunately, pursuing an engineering degree is often accompanied by the need for financial assistance. To tackle this problem of affordability, various organizations, both private and public, have come forward to offer lucrative assistance to students, thus helping them ease the financial burden that may follow. 

                   Financial Assistance To An Engineering Student                                                        

As engineering is often time-consuming, working alongside the degree becomes a nonviable option. Therefore, scholarships that could help students pay for additional semesters are of great importance.  

Scholarships offer countless benefits, helping a student step up in their professional career. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Accessible Education 

Education is a crucial aspect of a student's life and shouldn't be compromised due to insufficient household income. Scholarships assure that every student's dreams and aspirations are met regardless of their financial or socioeconomic background. 

  • Abundant Exposure 

Scholarships also benefit the student by indirectly providing them with early exposure through networking. This helps build authentic connections with other talented people in their particular field. 

  • Enhance your profile 

Scholarships are highly competitive and hard to get, therefore, it can enhance a student's resume and help them get an edge over others to make them stand out. Scholarships are a testament to a student's hard work and potential. They also demonstrate the student's interest to study in a specific domain and eventually work in it. 

  • Choice of a preferred college 

Most scholarships provide the advantage of choosing from the most sought-after colleges, thus letting the selected student avail the best educational programs suited for them.                                                                                                                     

Many accessible scholarship choices are present for students to select from. To take advantage of the numerous benefits and incentives that each scholarship program offers, students should keep track of new scholarship opportunities ahead and apply as soon as possible. 

                  Scholarship Application Form For Engineering student

Here are some of the most common scholarships that students can apply for: 

Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship 

This scheme has been initiated by the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, in 2008 to provide financial assistance to graduate and postgraduate students. A total number of 82,000 students have appeared for this scholarship. An amount of INR 20,000 is allotted annually to each selected student, with the period of application usually between August to October. The recipients of this grant can be pursuing any career route. 

AICTE PG (GATE or GPAT) Scholarship 

This scholarship opportunity was developed to enable the growth of technical education in the country and encourage more students to take up the post-graduation course in engineering without letting any financial barrier outweigh that. It provides INR 12400 each month. This scholarship program is accessible to students enrolled in colleges or universities that have obtained approval from the AICTE

Yashad-Sumedha Scholarship Programme 

Candidates that come from low-income homes, single parents, kids, girls, and orphans are given financial aid of INR 20,000 per year under this scholarship program. They should be enrolled in a government college's initial session and studying engineering. Typically, in early September, applications for the scholarship program begin to pour in. 

All India Engineering Entrance Scholarship Examination Primary 

The top 1000 government-approved colleges that offer BTech programs have become open to engineering students due to this nationwide admission exam. Under this scheme, up to 2000 students securing more than 85% of scores in the examination are exempted from the tuition fees for the tenure of 4 years. 5000 students with fewer than 755 marks are eligible for a basic laptop to study engineering, while 3000 students who receive more than 75% of the grade have their tuition fees free for a year. Applications are usually open until the March end of the given academic year. 

FAER McAfee Scholar Awards 

Based on their eligibility and application, students studying for a bachelor's degree in engineering at renowned Indian colleges are selected and offered the opportunity to win scholarships valued at up to INR 100000. Engineering students who are interested in applying can send an email or a letter to the Bangalore Foundation for the Advancement of Research and Education. 

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Title: The availability and competitiveness of scholarships and financial aid for engineering students

Published Date: 5 June 2023

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