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What is the Future of Engineering Education In India - Accurate Institute?

India is among the world's top producer of engineers. Engineering education began with the founding of the first engineering college in Roorkee during British rule. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is primarily concerned with the planning, distribution, and development of technical education. It has assisted students in fostering and promoting excellent education throughout the nation.

There is intense competition among students to achieve and contribute to the expansion and progress of the country as a result of increasing globalization. India is among the nations that offer the most excellent engineering education to students. These students choose various topics, including computer science, electrical, mechanical, information technology, electronics, and civil engineering.

Students gain information and skills from such specializations, which they apply to real-world situations. Increasing difficulties in health, energy, development, climate, and technology, among others, may be tackled most effectively by using engineering expertise. This information equips students to conquer all obstacles, irrespective of the circumstances.

Several technical colleges have been established nationwide in response to the rising number of engineering students. In addition, some obstacles or problems fail to offer the appropriate job platform for students.

But what is the future of engineering in India? Can a student thrive with an engineering degree in India? Let's understand below.

The Future of Engineering Education in India

Present & Future Of Engineering In India

India's engineering education falls short of international norms. The lack of qualified instructors, infrastructure, and resources at India's engineering schools harms the quality of instruction. The curriculum is obsolete and does not adequately equip students with the current industry requirements. This legacy curriculum and the theoretical approach are useless; students are not getting the skills and knowledge that matter the most.

Several chief executives have suggested that training graduates in machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence, and data analytics is the answer. These skills are already in great demand. And if we look closely at the engineering curriculum and specializations, maybe a

handful of colleges may offer such courses. Students need to make an additional investment after completing their course to equip themselves. If this scenario continues and there are no curriculum changes and updation, India will have only unemployed engineers.

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Parental Pressure And Engineering

In India, parents have a vital influence in the job decision-making of their children. Ever since the 1990s, most parents have aspired for their children to study just engineering. However, the students who are not interested in pursuing engineering and forcefully made to pursue engineering significantly impacts the child's future.

Where Is The Future Of Engineering Heading?

The future of engineering in India will be drastically distinct from the past because people will have a greater understanding of the role engineers perform in society.

So, in short, the future of engineering is bright in India, and students can also impact the nation's development. Students can also find a secure high-paying job if they possess the necessary in-demand skills. Further, learning and progressing with a growth mindset will help them achieve their dream career and life. So, this is an ideal moment for students interested in pursuing jobs in this industry. However, always check the college's curriculum, the specializations, and what extras they offer to bring out the best in you and make you employable in this growing innovation and competitive environment

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Title: What is the Future of Engineering Education In India - Accurate Institute?

Published Date: 25 August 2022

Type: B.Tech Article

Tags: Engineering College in Delhi NCR, College in Delhi NCR, Engineering College, Engineering Degree, Engineering, Future of Engineering Education In India

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