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Ethical issues in Management and Decision Making: A focus of Management courses.

q2It may be difficult for management and human resources (HR) professionals to successfully handle ethical issues. Even if there are regulations to hold people accountable, unethical behavior can still happen at work and within organizations. Knowing what ethical problems, a company can have might help managers and HR specialists be ready to handle them when they arise. In this article, we examine what ethical issues in management are, look at a few examples, and talk about how to handle them.

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What are ethical issues in Management?

When a decision, action, or circumstance goes against the organization's or society's ethical standards, there is an ethical problem in management. Due to the possibility that their acts will be questioned from a moral perspective, both organizations and people may become involved in ethical concerns. Diversity, compliance, governance, and compassionate decision-making are all complex ethical challenges that go hand in hand with the organization's basic principles.

An organization may be at danger from ethical conflicts since they could indicate that the rules is not being followed. In other cases, ethical problems might not have a legal impact, but they might make other people respond badly. When there are no rules in place, managing ethical dilemmas may be difficult. Because of this, you can work to create rules that will assist employees make the right choice when presented with moral choices as an HR or management expert.

Understanding these difficulties is crucial for managing them when they occur in the company you work for. You and your coworkers can concentrate on business success and growth rather than repair if you and they know how to identify and prevent these problems before they become problematic. Here are five instances of ethical issues that could arise in a professional setting:

1. Harassment and discrimination

2. Safety in the workplace

3. Social media rants or whistleblowing

4. Integrity in accounting procedures

5. Nondisclosure and corporate espionage

What is Decision Making in Management?

Making a decision between two or more options is the process of decision making in management. In order to attain a desired result, this involves evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of best options and selecting the optimal alternative. Making decisions in management involves taking actions that advance the goals and objectives of the company.

For example, a business manager can opt to spend money on marketing to attract new clients. This choice could entail analyzing the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of each possible course of action and selecting the one that is best for the organization.

Making management decisions is a crucial part of running any organization. It enables managers to set objectives, determine the steps required to achieve those objectives, and assess whether the steps are having the desired effect. Management decision meaning relates to managers leading their organizations in the appropriate direction for success.

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Decision Making Process in Management

In management, decision making is the process of selecting between alternatives. It entails analyzing many factors, assessing the costs and benefits of each alternative, and making a decision based on these considerations. The purpose of any decision-making process is to achieve the most informed conclusion feasible given the available facts, and the management courses and curriculum focuses on such analytical skills.


When a person is faced with a difficult or challenging position, they may be forced to make a decision that is not in their best interests. This can lead to bad decisions and outcomes. As a result, it is critical to comprehend the decision-making process and how it might be improved.

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Title: Ethical issues in Management and Decision Making: A focus of Management courses.

Published Date: 24 January 2023

Type: MBA Article

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