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Top 5 Certification Courses for an MBA/PGDM Student

A postgraduate degree is valuable to a person's educational background. Students often believe that a postgraduate degree is sufficient to start a profession. Also, it is always beneficial to have more in-depth industry training and knowledge to secure a strong position and start with a reputable company at the commencement of one's profession.

MBA is a comprehensive program designed to build both leadership and job-specific abilities. Nevertheless, learning has no boundaries or limitations.

So, after receiving an MBA/PGDM from the best institute for MBA in Greater Noida or from anywhere in India, registering in work-oriented courses is essential and preferable to acquiring skills that are more precisely intended to prepare students for specific employment responsibilities. You may enrol in a variety of prestigious post-MBA/PGDM courses. Moreover, these courses have tailored curriculum to specific MBA/PGDM specializations.

So let us explore the various courses an MBA/PGDM student can consider.

Top 5 Certification Courses

Five Certification Courses For MBA/PGDM Students

1.Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

It is a profession for individuals drawn by financial concepts; it requires the student to devote hours to mastering the many facets of finance. Enrolling in this course requires a bachelor's degree with a solid foundation in a comparable field.

So the completion of a CFA course opens the door to various employment prospects in finance-related fields. For instance, it has investment banking, equities research, and portfolio management.

2.Digital Marketing Certifications

In terms of marketing certificates, digital marketing retains the most significant share under current economic circumstances. Update your understanding of search engines, social networking sites, emailing, and other platforms to engage with existing and potential consumers by examining campaigns, content, and digital marketing strategy to determine what is and is not working.

3.Six Sigma Certification

Suppose you want to acquire a career with a sought-after position in Process Management, Operations, and Quality Control. In that case, you must add to your present abilities by completing this certification and acquiring advanced domain knowledge. It will assist you in enhancing production processes, identifying risks and faults, and ensuring the quality of business operations. There are multiple degrees of certification, such as a Black Belt for project managers and a Yellow Belt for those in supporting roles.

4.SAP Human Resources Certification

This is also among the job-focused courses after an HR MBA. SAP is Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. This course provides specialized corporate goods and services training and explains techniques for enhancing their quality. It also provides the applicant practical experience sustaining a company's employees and addressing their difficulties and complaints. This also involves the study of computer-based software solutions.

5.Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA)

A program for professional risk analysts, CRMA is gaining popularity every year. It is intended for those who want to serve as internal auditors. It is mostly a self-study curriculum that enables students to focus on skill enhancement. To register for this course, you must have a graduate degree or four to five years of relevant professional experience after school.

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Check these courses for a valuable learning opportunity for focused study depending on your preferences, and get a strong CV pointer to guide your hiring process. By increasing applicants' employability, these certifications may close the skills gap and prepare you for the workforce.

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