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Directors Message BTech

Director B.Tech Accurate Institute of Management & Technology is one of the best institutions in north India. We have already maintained high Educational Standards with Quality Policies adopted in each & every step. We are proud to follow the path laid down by the founders of Accurate Society. Today we are all witnessing the impact of globalization and liberalization. It is true that the technological transformation has impacted all our lives.

In this era of globalization and liberalization there are lots of challenges. At institute level we are constantly taking efforts to ensure that our students will showcase their academic talent with high moral values. Our students being ‘Engineers’ & ‘Managers’ will contribute and for sure will keep technical and social commitment. I am confident that we as a prestigious institute will develop ourselves to grow and fit in the global fabric. Accurate has immensely contributed to the nation building by providing intellect talent possessing latest analytical, design, practical and managerial skills.

Our students have infiltrated into all sectors like government, private or public to serve the country in various capacities. It is my strong belief that given an opportunity, the students of this great temple of learning will prove an asset to the recruiting organizations.

We are also looking for mutual association and collaboration with the industry at various other levels, for example, guest lectureships, workshops, laboratory mentorships, joint R & D projects etc., and would highly appreciate industry participation in this endeavor.

The excellence in teaching and research comes from the careful choice of faculty members in which Accurate has not made any compromise. It has gone to outreach and fetch scholars from all over the country to enrich its faculty strength and quality. It is now something of a trend-setter in the context of New Educational Objectives. We will continue to serve the cause of India’s greatness as a ‘Knowledge Society’.

Recently Accurate has adopted a new mission and vision for the institute according to which we want to become a leader among the institutes established in the new millennium. We have made a stunning beginning but there is a long way to go but I am sure, with the active cooperation of all our stakeholders, students, faculty, staff, employees, collaborators, parents of the students, University, media and public at large, we will be able to fulfill the motto of Accurate.

Dr Rishi Asthana

B.E. MMMUT, Gorakhpur
PHd UPES Dehradoon

Experience 20 Years Teaching
Member of IEEE,IE
Guided 5 PHd and published 50 papers in different International Journal of repute.