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BCA Students Industrial Visit

  • 9 May 2022
  • Training Basket
BCA Students Industrial Visit

With many breakthroughs, Innovations are happening around the globe due to emerging technologies and transformations in the organizations. To be future ready we at Accurate Institute of Management and Technologies organized an Industrial visit for our students of BCA by Training Basket in Association with REDHAT, WEB BASKET, TIMES of INDIA, CISCO NETWORKING ACADEMY, JOB BASKET, COMPIA and INGRAM on Data Science & AI, Ml, Cisco Networking.

The visit was arranged under the guidance of Dr. Amit Gupta- Director ABS (Accurate Business School) and coordinated by Mr. Shubham Kumar- Assistant Professor. The main purpose of the visit was to enhance and instill the practical experience and to provide an Industrial exposure to the students.

The session started with a warm introduction about the company and further extended to providing technical knowledge about Big Data, Cyber Security, Data Science with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Network Security, Machine Learning, Live Project and Live session on Network & Cloud Computing to the students.

After the sessions students visited the company premises to have hands-on experience about Real Server, Labs, Real Cisco Equipment, Live Projects and other related technologies.

The students were also briefed about the placement opportunities and trends in organizations.

Session was conducted by Training Basket, one of the largest and most experienced development organizations promoting IT Technologies through various programs and services around the world.

The Industrial visits main objective was to impart knowledge about the Industry oriented technologies Like Machine Learning, Deep learning, CISCO Networking etc.

It was a life changing experience on the trends and development of the technologies. I really thank the Institute for providing me such an opportunity and keeping me abreast of futuristic technologies said Sidhi Vashishtha

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Industrial Visit To Amazing Training Basket
9 May 2022 - Industrial Visits main focus will be on Industry oriented technologies Like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, CISCO Networking & Some Placement opportu...
Industrial Visit To Amazing Training Basket
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