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Smart Conveyor Metal Detector Made by The Accurate College of Engineering students

  • 22 June 2022
  • Accurate, Greater Noida
Smart Conveyor Metal Detector Made by The Accurate College of Engineering students
Engineering is all about Conceptualizing, Designing,Testing and finally Implementing ideas based on our needs, basically finding out solutions to a problem is Engineering. Accurate college of engineering encourages students to innovate and develop applications solving real life problems.

With the rapid technological advancements and persistent innovations happening, Accurate Institute of Management and Technology, one of the premier institutes in Greater Noida leaves no stone unturned to excel in its respective field. Taking this initiative further, engineering students of our Institute developed a metal detector for smart conveyors.

This innovative device was created by Mr. Prashant Kumar, Mohd. Asif and Mohd. Amir Hassan final year students of Mechanical engineering under the guidance of Mr. Akhileshwar Tripathi - HOD, Mechanical Engineering Branch at Accurate Institute of engineering Greater Noida.

This device responds to metals that otherwise are hidden and are not apparent. The electromagnetic field transmitted through the detector energizes the metal object within the electromagnetic field range and retransmits an electromagnetic field of its own and beeps to get the hidden metal noticed.

There are many advantages of this particular device and as it is used to find out valuable items such as gold at various security checks or to find buried treasure for archaeological surveys. They are highly competent detecting dangerous materials too.

We at Accurate appreciate such innovations from our students and always encourage students to Innovate and Invent. - Accurate Group of Institutions
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