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A Comprehensive guide to PGDM Admission in Greater Noida

PGDM Guide: All the Information You Need to know


AICTE has authorised the professional management course known as the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). Only after graduation is it possible to take this course. Many students are choosing the PGDM programme since it's a great substitute for an MBA. Due to the perception that this education is better in line with the demands of the management business, even firms looking to hire management professionals show a preference for students who have a PGDM.

The PGDM program is preferred because it keeps students abreast of current industry trends and places a great deal more emphasis on practical application of knowledge than just theoretical understanding. As a result, even the industries favour students with PGDMs.

All crucial PGDM information will be covered in the blog that follows. Everything you need to know about a PGDM will be analyzed, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether to pursue it after graduation, from eligibility requirements and scope to specialties and rewards.

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Why opt for PGDM?

The factors that led you to pick PGDM should be your first priority. After graduating, you have access to

a wide range of relevant courses, but there are a few significant factors that should influence your decision to pursue a PGDM instead. Because of these things:

Growing Popularity: The PGDM programme is quickly overtaking all others as the most sought-after course to take after graduation. Students have started choosing the PGDM over other courses because employers favour PGDM graduates.

Professional Significance: The PGDM program is structured so that you will improve professionally in every way, preparing you to meet the challenges of your field.

Growth of the personality: The training includes a significant section on personality development. You get to focus on all areas of personality in the PGDM course, from developing strength and confidence to improving your speaking abilities.

Knowledge from experience: Many courses will teach you theory, but the PGDM course will also instruct you on how to apply theory in real-world situations. You may use all you learn in the course to your everyday life.

PGDM Admission Requirements for Eligibility:

Students who desire to work in management, operate their own business, or oversee a corporation should enrol in the two-year programme.

For consideration for admission to a PGDM programme, you must have a grade point average of at least 50%, regardless of the topic you studied for your bachelor's degree. But in addition to the prerequisites, each institute may have its own selection criteria. The Accurate Institute of Management and Technology's (AIMT) hiring procedure includes a personal interview, a brief presentation, and an aptitude test.

Curriculum and Focus

Due to the fact that each college establishes its own prerequisites for courses, the PGDM program's syllabus is frequently altered to reflect changes in the workplace. Since one of the primary goals for students is job placement, the frequently updated syllabus gives a lot of weight to industry needs, skill-based market requirements, and employment criteria.

Specialization in PGDM

You will also be required to select a specialization during your two-year PGDM program as this is where your future job will most likely depend. Information on some of the most well-liked and career-focused specialties is provided below.

Finance - A focus on finance will enable you to comprehend all financial elements, such as capital and accounting, that are connected to business and industry on both a macro and micro level. One of a company's most critical components is finance, and this is a profession where one can have a successful career.

IT - With a specialty in IT, you may enter this exciting industry and build a successful career. The expanding IT sector needs professional management. You learn everything there is to know about the IT business in this specialisation. The range of responsibilities in this sector is enormous, ranging from managing IT clients and goods to managing technology.

HR - You will discover in the HR specialisation that managing talent requires a specific talent. HR has a crucial function to perform, particularly in large firms, from managing human resources to making sure all employees are content. You will gain knowledge in this specialisation on hiring and managing employees, as well as other crucial elements of running a successful business.

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Worldwide Exposure from PGDM

The Accurate Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT) offers a strong emphasis on creating a global perspective by enabling students to tackle challenges regarding economic, institutional, and cultural inequalities between nations. Pedagogical innovations, shatter silo systems and combine the numerous management disciplines to provide students a comprehensive perspective. Additionally covered in the curriculum are the subjects, which are crucial for management students.

PGDM Article

Title: A Comprehensive guide to PGDM Admission in Greater Noida

Published Date: 28 December 2022

Type: PGDM Article

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