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Beggars and Begging System

“BEGGARS ARE THE HOMELESS PERSON WHO CARRYOUT THEIR LIVELIHOOD BY ASKING FOR MONEY FOR FOOD AND CLOTHES FROM OTHERS.” These people have no choice and  are forced by some other powerful organisation and some of them makes begging their first priority as they make significant amount of money from it.

These people perform business activity in which they charge money for a product and services which in general does not exist in real world (Duaa). So my question is, it is wise enough to help those who find a easy medium for their livelihood, answer of it may be justified with my simple statement “HELP THEM BY NOT HELPING THEM”.

Helping them by not helping them means, provide them facility to earn for their livelihood, provide them facility to work for their earning which will provide a prosperous life.

In today’s world we have sympathy towards a handicapped beggar rather than a gold medal handicapped athlete. An Olympic man has opportunities to earn gold medal but a beggar does not have opportunities to live a better life.

So first we have to change our mentality in order to change the society and begging system

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