Indian Politics

By Mar 3, 2018

Politics is a tough word to be defined in this world but it has spreaded across whole world now-a-days.

But we can define it as:

It is a type of activities which is associated with governing part of a country or any specific region.

India is a big country where we follow democracy to form our government and it makes Indian politics very interesting. our country is so big and play an important role in any global work or plan that’s why every country of the world used to take interest in Indian politics. From the beginning of independence our constitution has allowed every people that he can fight an election and everybody can take part in forming a government. Human being over 18 years are eligible to vote in forming government. Over 100 crore people in India fall in that category. Which leads to make politics again interesting.


Come to recent age of Indian politics,

There are 29 state where election took place for MLA and for whole country MP were elected. MLA leads to form government in state only On the other hand, MP were elected to form central government. India has 542 seats for MP. generally, people form party to contest election and which ever party gets 272 seats they form the government and leader of that party become Prime Minister of India.

Presently:- BJP party is in power and Honorable NARENDRA MODI is our Prime Minister.

This is an overview of Indian Politics that is the largest inĀ  world. It is interesting because here every power is in the hand of common people and that makes Indian Politics very popular.


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