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High Paying Jobs after BBA in India- Salary and Trends

Many students choose to enroll in a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program because of the lucrative pay and job placement opportunities. Additionally, getting a BBA is seen as a first step in pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The greatest option for students who want to pursue a career in business management after the 12th grade is to pursue a BBA. It offers applicants the chance to obtain a professional degree at the undergraduate level while also finding financial stability.

Let us look at high-paying jobs after BBA in India.

Business School

Financial Manager/Advisor

Average Base Salary: ₹992k /year

A Financial Advisor may be hired by a business or simply by an individual. This career path can also be taken as a freelancer, allowing one to manage the accounts of numerous businesses or people. On behalf of the customer (business or individual), a financial advisor or manager makes wise financial decisions that will benefit them financially down the road.

BBA In India

Human Resource Manager

Average Base Salary: ₹700k /year

The role of a human resources manager is among the most significant in any firm. An HRM's job is to establish relationships with staff members and come up with plans to keep them happy and reduce attrition. To advance in your job, you can pursue an MBA with a human resources concentration.

Research and Development Assistant Manager

 Average Base Salary: ₹709k /year

This position is eligible for an alluring compensation package because there is a demand for Research and Development managers across a wide range of industries, including education, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and others. There are many opportunities to advance your position after earning an MBA and gaining work experience.

Information Systems Manager

Average Base Salary: ₹1011k /year

There is a requirement for an information systems manager who can oversee the planning and strategizing departments and provide guidance on updating software or hardware as needed because every firm works with data in some way. For someone who wants to advance into a Business Analyst or Data Analyst post, you would need to obtain a data science degree for this.


Average Base Salary: ₹685k /year

To sell the goods and services of an organization, marketers must apply marketing principles and pinpoint specialized markets. Additionally, marketing research, advertising, and efficient campaign execution is required. Effective digital marketing can significantly impact a company's revenue, making marketers an essential component of an organization.

Business Consultant

Average Base Salary: ₹977k /year

You can begin working as a Business Consultant for a fixed wage after receiving your BBA. To boost your income while advancing the fields in which you work, you may choose to work as a freelancer as you complete higher education, such as an MBA in Finance, and get relevant experience.

Sales Executive

Average Base Salary: ₹311k /year

A good sales executive must be able to persuade a customer to purchase a product and sustain long-term commercial relationships. To advance to Sales Manager, you can either obtain on-the-job experience within 7 to 10 years or pursue an MBA.

Operation Analyst

Average Base Salary: ₹209k – ₹779k /year

An operation analyst keeps in touch with the client and is on-site to evaluate the deliveries and address issues. An operation analyst is also in charge of maintaining data integrity. A position as a supply chain manager or business analyst is eventually possible for an operation analyst after developing a solid foundation of knowledge about the deliverables and data of an organization.

Business School

Business Development Executive

Average Base Salary: ₹175k – ₹616k /year

More and more young people are beginning their own enterprises as startups spread to become the norm. Giving an organization a competitive advantage and maintaining the longevity and sustainability of the company are the responsibilities of a business development executive.

In addition to pursuing careers in these professions, you may want to think about continuing your education. Following a BBA career with an MBA can also assist you in landing a high-paying job in the business world with consistent promotions. PGDM courses are an alternative to MBA.

However, individuals also have the option of becoming entrepreneurs after successfully obtaining a BBA. This will enable you to carry out their business ideas in addition to assisting them in making a solid living.

Note-These salary packages depend on your knowledge and work experience and may vary as per the different profiles.

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Title: High Paying Jobs after BBA in India- Salary and Trends

Published Date: 26 July 2022

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