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The Benefits of Choosing a College with a Strong PGDM Placement Record in Greater Noida.

Choosing the right college to accomplish your career goals is one of the most essential decisions for students. The decision is important since their future is at stake. Is it a good college? What are the academic rankings? Is the college's infrastructure well-developed? Does it provide prospective placements, for example, are just a few of the queries that spring to mind before beginning the search for the right college/university? Among all the questions, the one that stands out is concerning placements. Not only students, but also their families, are concerned about the outcome and are perplexed and desperate to discover the best college for their children. Every student goes through the same problem when it comes to selecting a college that offers good placements by the time they complete their course.

PGDM Placement

Students want to acquire a job as soon as they complete the course. To keep this factor in mind, it is crucial that the college you select has a dedicated placement cell that ensures good organizations visit the college/university to present employment chances. Accurate Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT), Greater Noida’s placement cell has a good reputation in the industry and ensures that top-tier companies visit the college to interview students. It organizes guest lectures in which trained and experienced industry professionals connect with students and explore future prospects.

Because of the high competition in the job market, placement cells have become even more important. As there are so many options in the industry, whether at startups or established firms, it might be tough for a newcomer to figure out what is ideal for them. In such circumstances, placement cells guide students and provide them with the necessary training and information to guarantee they take the proper steps in their careers. Any college's major goal is to provide promising placements to qualified students. Following are some of the ways a dedicated placement cell can help the student achieve:

Enhance your knowledge and groom your personality:

By providing appropriate training and development sessions, placement cells bridge the gap between the student's skills and the industry's expectations. They stay up to date with industry changes and create a training structure for students accordingly. Among the Cell's activities is the transmission of skill sets such as communication, leadership, or any other talent connected to the student's area of interest. Placement cells educate students about industry standards and increase their employability. Students gain a good understanding of the job market in which they will be working, and as fresher, it is important to have a fundamental understanding of the do's and don'ts in the corporate world. It not only looks after the student's academic skills but also their personality in terms of communication, dressing, soft skills, and so on.  At Accurate Institute, the placements cell conducts a "finishing school program" that includes resume preparation, mock interviews, group talks, aptitude tests, and personality development.

Higher Education:

Not every student plan to work after finishing their degree; some prefer to continue their education. These placement cells not only assist students in securing a promising placement, but they also advise students on their higher education goals. They provide the essential coaching and instruction to assist students in passing the exams. The placement cells at AIMT, provide specialized coaching and mentoring for competitive exams. Institute also organizes guest lectures, workshops, field visits and industrial visits. Furthermore, these placement cells educate students on the numerous professional paths available after graduation. Those who intend to pursue higher education are guided by the placement cell, which informs them about the courses available and recommends certain entrance exams.

Professional Experience:

The placement cells have agreements with several companies that offer internships to college students. An internship is an excellent approach to study because it allows you to gain on-the-job experience. Internships allow you to apply your theoretical knowledge in real-world business scenarios. Furthermore, the process of applying for internships teaches you a variety of skills such as resume writing, interview skills, soft skills, and so on. Placement cells provide you with such opportunities to hone your skills and get a great internship in a good organization, which may later offer you a pre-placement offer based on your performance. Internships are an excellent way to expand your networking horizon. Networking is an important component of the business world since it allows you to discover new prospects. Students have the opportunity to meet and connect with professionals and industry experts, which helps them establish the groundwork for their future careers. To communicate with potential companies, AIMT's placement cell puts out placement brochures, conducts campus recruitment, and pooled interview drives.



An active and dedicated placement cell is an essential aspect of every college because it reflects the institute's reputation in the employment market and commitment towards the students. At Accurate Institute, one of the Top Institutes in Greater Noida, we aim to provide the greatest education possible, together with a promising placement, at the end of our students' academic years. We aspire to make our students industry-ready and responsible, so that they can contribute to society through their AIMT experiences and learnings.

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Title: The Benefits of Choosing a College with a Strong PGDM Placement Record in Greater Noida.

Published Date: 28 January 2023

Type: PGDM Article

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