Vishwakarma Puja Celebration

Mechanical Department celebrated September 17 as Vishwakarma Puja to pay obeisance to Lord Vishwakarma; regarded as the god of architecture and engineering.  It was a resolution time for students and faculty to dedicate themselves to the cause of advancement of technology and gain divine inspiration for creating novel products. This ritual is performed within the workshop with special prayers, havan and distribution of sweets.

According to Hindu mythology Lord Vishwakarma is the builder of all the gods’ palaces, and the designer of all celestial vehicles and weapons.

Sports Activity in Campus to Inculcate Sportsmen Spirit in Students

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of Management education, which helps in attaining the wholesome development of human capital. Last week, Accurate Institute of management and technology organized one day sports activity in campus to inculcate sportsmen spirit in students.

The sports day was full of fun and frolic with Cricket, Badminton and Volleyball matches being played by various teams from different departments of PGDM, MBA and B.Tech.

To encourage students, faculty members from each department have also participated in the event by playing cricket along with students which instilled zeal among students.

In the Cricket and Volleyball match, team of PGDM students won the match. In badminton, MBA students won the match.

The event concluded with winning teams being awarded by the Institute. Overall, it was a refreshing break for the students, faculty and staff.