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PGDM Orientation Program on August 22 and 23, 2022.

  • 22 August 2022
  • Accurate, Greater Noida
PGDM Orientation Program on August 22 and 23, 2022.
To welcome the newly admitted students of the Two-Year 'Full-Time' PGDM Program conforming to Batch 2022-2024 at the Accurate Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT) Campus, Greater Noida, a 'Two-Day' Orientation and Induction Program, "The Dawn-(Prarambh)", was organized on August 22 and 23, 2022.

The 'Two-Day' program was aimed at making the newly admitted PGDM students comfortable with the environs of the Accurate campus, which will be their stay for academic learning in the forthcoming years.

Day ONE (Monday, August 22, 2022) was important in all senses. When in the 'First-Half', the verification and submission of "Self-Attested" documents related to academic credentials and achievements was the focus of the PGP Cell, coordinating with the stakeholders associated with the admissions department, which was further followed by a sumptuous lunch.

The 'Post-Lunch' session commenced with the customary ceremony of the 'Lighting-of-the-Lamp' by the 'Chief-Guest' and the Honourable Director, PGDM Program, amidst the chants of the Holy Saraswati Vandana.

After a brief inaugural address by Dr. Satish Kumar Matta, Honourable Director, PGDM Program, the 'Chief-Guest'; Mr. Agniwesh Thakur, Vice-President, Accenture, was invited to the dais to address the audience.

Mr. Agniwesh Thakur spoke at length about the characteristics of how to be a successful professional, quoting examples from his own career as well as from industry. The vistas of the horizon of the Honourable Chief Guest's speech varied from all the areas where the students need to excel themselves for a favorable position in the deeply competitive society in the long run. It is probably certain that Mr. Agniwesh Thakur's reflections would definitely have given a stimulus to our newly admitted students of the PGDM program.

The second speaker for Day One, was Brig.(Dr) Sunil Kumar Moudgil, an ex-Indian Army personnel and a renowned "Veteran" of the Kargil War, donning numerous achievements at the "Military-Front" and as a speaker at various "Business Schools" and institutions of repute, including industry, being a forte to reckon with, as a feather in his cap. A distinguished "mentor" and "motivational speaker".

Brig. Moudgil, was keen enough to make the students more conducive toward the challenges they might face in their professional career ahead and also offered brisk solutions as to how to face the given challenges. The wholesome motto of Brig. Moudgil's presentation and interaction with the students was to accept the reality and move forward intelligently and with gusto. The orientation session for "Day One" concluded with a vote of thanks to the distinguished guests and speakers.

As regards Day Two of the orientation session, following a brief message by the Director Sir, the Chief Guest, Dr. Devendra Pathak, 'Vice-Chancellor' Uttaranchal University, was invited to address the audience.

In his address to the audience, Dr. Pathak dealt with the importance of the past and how to correlate the same with the present. His focus on diversity was on how to make 'oneself' confident in capturing the audacity of the future, which is unseen. He spoke about the importance of "critical thinking" and "decision-making" as a means of moving forward towards a desired goal, which needs to be augmented well.

At the conclusion of the address by Dr. Devendra Pathak, Mr. Yogesh Vashishtha, a proclaimed Mentor, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant was invited to the dais for an interaction with the students.

Mr. Vashishtha spoke excellently on the importance of "Success" and how "Failures" could be tackled, providing numerous live examples from the epic "Ramayana" and other breath-taking anecdotes as supportive examples as a process to explain the vistas of success and how it could be reached energetically well.

The 'Post-Lunch' session was addressed by Mr. Govind Singh Negi, Sr. Director-Talent Management & Delivery Center Lead, 3 Pillar Global. He focused his address on the importance of being a professional, working from anywhere in the world, referring to the concept of 'Work-from-home'; he basically spoke on the changed business environment, 'Post-Pandemic', and how to cope with the given challenges across all fronts, as has lept forward in contemporary times as of now, for we do not have control over the environment after a certain power grip.

The day-two orientation sessions concluded with a brief address by the PGP Head, on the vistas to be followed as regards the PGDM program and academics related; Do's and Don'ts as they are expected to be followed in the campus and hostel environment; examination and grading system and others.

In addition to this segment, the introduction of members of the faculty/staff was an important segment of appreciation before the session concluded.

The Honourable Chairman's Office and the Honourable Group Director's Office particularly conveyed their best wishes to the students, through the Director's office, with cordial blessings expressing the hope that all the students will augur well with the academic environment and strive to be life-long learners in the making of themselves as professionals.

During these two-day orientation sessions, the members of the faculty and staff cooperated and coordinated with each other to achieve the goals that were required to be accomplished.

The programme was a success, and there were many takeaways for the audience that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Accurate Institute welcomes the students to be a part of the Accurate family and wishes them a bright future ahead. - Accurate Group of Institutions

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