By Feb 17, 2018

“Child is Meant to learn, Not to earn.” In our country, there is a very significant social issue on the children. Child labour is the international concern because of it damages, spoils, destroys and exploits the future of the children. Child labour problem is not only suffered in India, but also in the other developing countries. The children are our hope and future of our nation, but, there are millions of children are deprived in our country.
According to the law of our country , children below the age of 14 years cannot be employed in any offices or restaurant. These rules come into the human rights of the children.

Causes of Child Labour

● There is the lack of work in the India. Most of the parents are not literate, and they have not any source of employment. Therefore, they are unemployed and their children become victim of child labour. Their children are working just because their parents are unemployed.

● The poverty line is increasing in India. Almost in India, there are sick children and their families may rely on child labour to improve their chances of attaining necessities.

● In India, approximately 75 million children are not going to school, just because of the lack of free education. There are minimum schools in India, which is giving free education, but, most of the places do not provide any free education opportunities for the poor children.

● The demand for unskilled labourers is another cause of child labour. Children are mostly unskilled and provide a cheap source of labour, making them an attractive option for many greedy employers.

Prevention of Child Labour

● There are many social issues of child labour which we have to eliminate from the different countries. Now, it should be stopped, and we have to follow up the necessary restrictions and rules on the regards of child labour.

● There should be awareness among the people to terminate the child labour from India because it can incur in our nearby future. Children are the future of our country.

● Each industrial company and his organizations should increase the employment opportunities for the adult workers; so that the child labour is reduced.


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