Cyber Attack

By May 16, 2017

BEWARE… Ransomware Wannacrypt what you need to know…

As recently our whatsapp groups are flooded with the warnings of some random cyber attack which may hack all your data if you open the link.

You may receive a mail with the attachment “taskche.exe” and the moment you download the link boom your data is not safe anymore.

A group of hackers known as the Shadow Brokers may have launched this attack as a report of SophosLab’s investigation, detailed report is supposed to submitted soon but the confirmation of the attack is enough to buckle up your belts.

This new ransomware named “Wannacrypt” or “Wannacry” is speading widely and encrypts the files of the infected windows system. This system is spread by using the vulnerabilities in implimentations of Server Message Block (SMB) in windoes system.It encrypts the hards disk and then spread through the and also can be spread through the email attachments.

The attack could have been more worse if the researcher could have accidentally identified it. Microsoft said that people are still using the older version of windows whose support is no more provided thus the warnings or the security alerts are not provided to the users.

The infected system may show the following warning.

So in order to stay safe do not download and open any unauthorized or random file for now. It has been said that almost 100 countries are effected from this virus.


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