Education System

By Mar 22, 2017

India a young nation , expanding its roots over the world in many fields after 65 years of Independence.

But is this all what have expected for…??

We can say that Indian Education system is not actually Indian but more of British system imposed on us to create a mass of the population to do clerical or lower level work. Which is not being changed in the following years or we can say made even worst.

Not much of the changes are done in the education system from primary level to higher education and which also lead to outsourcing of our innovative and fresh minds to foreign countries.

There are certain loopholes in the education system let’s just put light on few of them from the very grass root level.

1. Lack of facilities or opportunities in primary education

Lack of facilities and privatization of education at very primary level can be seen. Government schools lack of infrastructure , skilled faculty , necessary amenities and growing opprtunities.
On the other hand private schools charges very high.
Thus one solution can be to make basic education free for everyone.

2. Limitation of choice of streams

Selection of streams depends on many factors like influence of parents , society , relatives , what your neighbor opting and many more rather than the interest of the individual.
Streams like science and commerce are only considered as better option rest all are avoided.

3. Disparity of Graduation

Engineering for science students , CA for commerce and Medical for those who have biology as an option. There are very rare chances that the person has a freedom to choose ant other profession apart from these.

4. Old and Traditional methods

Though we are doing good in many sectors but still failing in education sector. We still follow the chalk and talk method and the acceptance in the advancement of technology is very rare.
Students are forced into theoretical knowledge and lack of practicality.
75% criteria for an athelite leads to his failure in both the fields.
For an example if the person wants to become an cricketer then maths or history or accounts is of no use for them but more important is physical health and practice but they are rather forced to attend classes which are technically of no use for them.


Examinations are good to test the knowledge and the learning of the person but moreover it has turned to check how much a person can memorize. On the other hand level and tuff competition of different entrance examinations like IIT , Cat etc led to impose of pressure on students and kill there other interests and also promote the business in education like coaching centres etc. which again can be improved the students has different options available.

There are still many loopholes are there in the education system which need advancement to improve the standards of education and also to provide our young minds the platform for innovation and analytical thinking.

Its time to not to think HOW But to think WHY?


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