On 30 JAN 2017 at 9:30 pm we started our journey to sonipath (Hariyana) to visit world famous.company YAKULT DANONE, it has a distance of about 70km  from our college we were accompnied by  Prof.Ruchi Tripathi and  Prof. Harish kumar in our way of yakult. Our collage provided us breakfast we have it while traveling on our way. We reach there at 12:30 pm .

The first thing what we saw there is a beautiful and clean environment and a gracefully built building .It is Japan based company so that the environment is also like wise it. We were received by the Mr.Akshay (Relationship manager) of the company. He greated us and then acknowledge us about some rules and regulations of company during the visit .And after that our tour  started  Akshay  made us know about how they produce yakult  from milk, what are the majors the take in the laboratory , how they pack the product and about the machinery . Then he took us to the conference hall of the yakult and aware about the history of it and also provide us a sample of yakult to test and then at 3:45 with the photography session our visit ends with a pleasant good bye.

It was a golden opportunity for us to see and learn about the company which operates in 23 different countries and the management system of it. How the distribute their product all over the country from a single place.

I feel myself lucky for being there at that time and wanted to thank my institution ACCUATE for providing me this great opportunity.


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