Mid Day Meal

By Mar 27, 2017

Recently mid day meal was again in news and for no good reasons.
Government schools are providing free meal to students is a appreciated step but we keep on hearing news about mid day meals and mostly not in the favour.

Every year more than 10 crore students avail mid days meals under the scheme.

What us Adhar card?

Adhar card a unique identity card which require some of your basic information and provide you a identification and best part is age is not a barrier. Number of authorized vendors are available that provide adhar card for free.
Thus every child can easily get it.

Recently HRD ministry makes it mandatory to have adhar card to have meal under the scheme. To which political parties and activists opposed that this could be unfavorable for child nourishment
but the result came out was shocking.

4.4 lakh ghost shudents were found who were registered under the scheme.
Could be even more and a possible big scam came to light.

Do you think moving more toward digitization may help preventing such scams..??


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