Finally after 5 year justice has been served to ‘NIRBHAYA’ and her family. Supreme court said “The brutal, barbaric, and demoniacal conduct of the convicts shook the conscience of humanity and they don’t deserve leniency” & finally upheld the death rewards to four convicts of Delhi Rape Case Vinay Sharma (23), Akshay Thakur (31), Mukesh (29) and Pawan Gupta (22) guilty. Sadly nothing could be done to the fifth convict as he was adjudged to the minor and was left without any trial.
With this judgement the ‘NIRBHAYA CASE’ finally became an turning point in India’s fight against women and rape cases. This decision would be a lesson to all those people who would ever think of committing this crime. In the devilish manner she was treated in which they played with her dignity is not at all acceptable.
But the question arises why it took so long…..Despite of the matter being carried on fast track court the decision arrived after 5 years and one convict was set free..why????just because he was minor…Where was his minority when he done this brutality with that girl.
Yeah we welcome the decision of court but now its now the judiciary system has to change and all those people who try to steal the dignity of women must be punished also these cases should be handled as fast as possible so that convicts could be punished as soon as possible.
We have to make our country India safe and secure for women.


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