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Politics “The Dark Side”



“Politics” for some people are the field of earning, for some the area to do something for the people’s welfare, for some area to deliver the benefits to the society, for some  the area of power but exactly what is politics??? This is the big question for us.


As we know nowadays who are the politician and why they join the politics. Mostly politicians belong to criminal background and national or state or any local parties give the ticket that candidate who has power, money and famous personality in the society because of that they can win the election at any cost because they want power and rule in the country or state or another place. That’s why Politics is a game of power and they miss use this.


We hear about the selling of  ticket during election if any person is paying for the ticket then why they will work for the society because their first motive will be earning of money after winning the election for this purpose they will not be hesitate for miss using their power because they join politics for power, money, not for deliver benefit to the society. They use their power for earning in term of legal or illegal for instance sometime they do not follow the of tender for giving the contract who gives money they give contract to that person.


We have lot of example of politician where they miss use their power to save their life, to get the “VIP TREATMENT” during the jail and they are able to do this because of their position. Manytimes they donot follow the traffic rules because they have power of their position.


Their family members and relatives as well use their power and they show off their power only because of their family member to be in the power.


“2G SCAM”,”CHARA SCAM”,”COAL SCAM”,”COMMON WEALTH GAME SCAM” there are numerous example of scam when politicians miss use their power for saving their life from the scam and it happens because of politician’s power.


We can easily see familism in Indian politics. In the context of india there are lot of parties in which only one family rules on the party and so many family members are in the party and they operate that party.



In India court process takes long time that’s why they donot worry about that if they get  punish by the court for the scam they use their power and get the “VIP TREATMENT” in the cell then how we can say all people are equal in the frant of justice because for the common people it is most difficult to get “VIP TREATMENT”. After doing the scam they donot get sufficient punishment for instance “CHARA SCAM” Lalu Prasad yadav, he did chara scam that scam was nine hundred crore  but he had to pay only 25 lac and some year jail punishment.


Recently Reservation in Govt. jobs Promotions bill was introduced for SC/ST people. This is another example of third class politics to divide people based upon caste. Where certain people are given benefits based upon caste not their economic conditions. A question arise if person belonging to SC/ST have good economic condition then why he/she should be given reservation and that even promotions. What impact it would have on public sector services which are already working on the pace of tortoise. Then how can we expect a country like India to grow fast. Earlier we had seen the agitation of the Gujjar’s and Jat’s demanding reservations. The agitators have found a simple way to force the attention of political leaders and the concerned Government, by affecting the rail movement. Consciously, they try to influence the economy of the country.


Politics of India’ is a strategy based board game with unique but easy to understand game play. ‘Politics of India’ simulates the Parliament elections of India and gives you a chance to become the best political party in India and make government.

Either you can fight for election on the issues like ‘Development’, ‘Women safety’ etc. or you can play dirty politics and use unethical methods such as ‘booth capturing’, ‘bogus voting’ or ‘bahubali’ and try to win maximum number of seats. But when you are using unethical resources, be aware of ‘election commission raid’ during voting otherwise your candidate will be disqualified.

Game theme – The game is for 2 to 4 players. As a player, you are one of the national political party of India and this is the election time. Your goal is to win maximum number of seats in India by using any way, be it money, ethical or unethical way and form the government at the center.


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  1. Abhimanyu Singh

    September 5, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    Nice views brother

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