Population control

By Mar 1, 2018

These days most of the country which is indevloping stages are suffering from massive rate of population . Because the most devloping countries like india ,china , Iraq , Iran , Srilanka are struggling in control of population . The most devlop countries like Usa , russia , japan have manages their population . Human population planing is a international concern because if it is not controlled then it gives a powerfull empact on the world . More recently some countries such as iran and spain have increeses their birthdate while some countries are trying to control of their repoduction like as chinees goverment implemented one child policy and indian goverment trying to making nasbandi program by giving some profit to the citizen . Population control only achive when some methods are practices.


Higher taxation of parents who have excess children.

Creating small family roll models

One child and two child policy

Awareness about family planing .


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