GOAL a word that everyone wants to attain fruitfully .Without goal a person is like a human without a soul. Everyone has goal in their life and they want to attain it.Some fails in it and some will successfully implement it. Actually it will depend on the person’s ability to attain it and depends fully upon a person that how seriously he /she will take their goal. A person only works for a specific goal which they have to achieve in a given time span.

A Goal particularly in students’ life plays a very important role. When parents of that particular student admit them in a school the journey begins from here only and ends up till its life. if we talk about when a student take admission in college for graduation or if do post-graduation so the time it enters into the college he or she has some particular goal that they want to achieve that’s why they have taken admission in the college . Whether that goal is of students’ goal or the goal of its parents. Mostly serious students consider his or her goal with their parents’ goal too, but sometimes parents are not serious about their child goal that what he wants or sometimes student is not. It will not depend upon its parents that they are serious or not it totally depends on that student only that he or she has to attain it with proper dedication or not.

If a student is not dedicated towards its goal so the situation is more crucial for them. Because see parents invest money on their child with the only sake that he or she will perform well and do something in their life and live a luxuries life. Good parents  did not have any greed from their children that  if they are investing money on them so he or she will give them something in return no…..they only wants that he or she will perform well and achieve their desired goals.

Now the question is that why students get distracted from their goals. Technically there are many much reasons for that such as distraction towards new city where they come to study distraction towards girls or boys and so much things so one should not get distracted with all this because the time cannot return back utilize it wisely. Student can distracted with their peer groups and friends also because they will exploit them very much.so they have to focus only on their goals.

At last I want to conclude this topic that we have to focus only on our goal set. I as a student also sometimes get distracted but then I think about my family and the spark to do well in life. So we have to focus on our goal only not anything else now. Because your focus will help you to attain goal.




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