Tejas 2017

By Mar 7, 2017

Management fest hosted by ABES engineering college Ghaziabad on 6th and 7th of March 2017 was a ice breaker for Accuratians.

1st Inter college fest and students participated with full enthusiasm and energy the reason may a break from 6 classes a day and exposure to new place.

Many events being organised by the organizers including Management , Technical and Cultural which consist events like

Business plan , Just a minute , Photography , Unplugged (singing) , Ramp walk, Dancing and Robo War , Robo race , Band War and Dj night.

So overall a complete package of fun and with the company of friends the event was fun.

Following students of PGDM 2016-18 batch participate in the event

1. Karan Shrivastav   (Photography)

2. Himanshu Shekhar (Photography)

3. Sweety Singh  (Singing)

4. Lal Bahadur (Photography and Ramp walk)

5. Sonali Tewari (Photography)

6. Sulekha Munda (Singing)

7. Kushboo Rani (Singing)

8. Kumari Priya (Photography)

9. Anju Karki (Photography)

10. Abishek Verma ( JAM)

11. Shubham Gupta (Business Plan and JAM)

Students left no stone unturned and marked their presence in the event. Repenting college at intercollege fest was real fun.

Lal Bahadur’s Ramp walk was the best moment of the day. Audience was cheering like anything and confidence on his face says it all.

Karan secured 2nd position in photography and the trophy comes in the wallet of Accurate.

Overall it was a real fun and we really hope we keep getting such opportunities in near future.

Some of the still from the event.


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