By Feb 28, 2018

The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilian in the pursuit of political aims.

Today terrorism have become a global topic to deal. Because all over the world is facing the problem of terrorism. Abraham suggest that terrorist organization do not select terrorism for political effectiveness.

Terrorism is most common in nations with intermediates political freedom, and it is least common in most democratic nations. There is a connection between the existence of civil liberties, democratic participation and terrorism. today lot many terrorist organization exist in this world such as Islamic state of Iraq, lashkar-e-taiba, etc. every terrorist organization have some different ideology there is fight between ideology. terrorist organization has become threat to this world. Since last three year more than ten terrorist activity taken place in all over the world. some of the example of terrorism are bombing of us embassy, atom bomb attack on hiroshima and Nagasaki,etc. Now a days people are really afraid of terrorism and terrorist attack all time.it has become national and international problem all over the world

We should make a strong rules to completely destroy its kingdom.


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