By May 7, 2017

 Women’s day is not Just a Day, It’s a battle.

Taliban had banned girls from attending schools in swat valley in Pakistan and a sixteen year old girl from the same country won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2014. Malala Yusufzai, the youngest Nobel Laureate, belongs to a country where women do not find even their existence in society.

1917 -Petrograd (Russia) was just the outbreak of the fire in the hearts of the women. It was the result of the massive response they wanted to show to the world.

The wind has changed its direction and is a fierce storm now; storm for those who have always considered women as someone born just to bear children, bring them up and stay indoors. If they want to stay safe, they will have to welcome this desired change or else, they will be blown away. I admit of a time in the past when they got respect nowhere in the world, not allowed even to step out of their homes, no voice, no education, not allowed to vote. It was believed that they were born to suffer and those suffering more will get their paradise soon.

The Great Britain was in news few months back for electing Theresa May as Prime Minister of England. A country who has ruled almost all the powerful nations of the world making them as its colony in the era of colonisation is being ruled by a women. It is one of the most incisive developments of the contemporary times. Trust me, there are umpteen faces of them, setting unprecedented examples by their extra ordinary success stories, all bringing the inspiration in lot.

A girl has to be under somebody’s supervision throughout her life. When she is a child, mother seizes her childhood; when she passes adolescence, brother snatches her independence; when she is married, husband supervises her and when she grows old, her son or daughter instructs her. If we really realise this severe killing of freedom of somebody, we will bow our head to them. The kind of life they have lived with the level of sacrifice brings utmost respect for them. Not everybody can do it or it is much better to say that very few can.

Now, our country is spearheading the juggernaut of the change. Even if we have so many issues related to women, we have shown the signs of change. Our biggest achievement is the inclusion of women in fundamental right to vote. We will bring this change towards building a nation of its own kind with equality and transparency being the focus.

They have been suppressed for eras, they have suffered for centuries, they have been neglected for decades, they have been blamed for years. And today, in light of the change and the realisation of guilt, ‘I’ seek their apology on behalf the whole mankind. ‘I’ promise not be sexist and judgemental. The rest will go well. ‘I’ denotes the mankind.

“Don’t let anyone tell you’re weak because you’re a woman” -Mari Kom


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