By Feb 21, 2018

Time The most powerful happening in this world even more powerful than money because after spending a pack of notes you can earn it again but once the time skips it cannot come back at any cost, that is why there is a common saying that “time and tide waits for none”. Normally there are three forms of time past, present and future .Past is the time which has been skipped and cannot return back.¬† Present form is the real and live happening and the last form which is the future that is the time which is on the way for being the real/present form of time. Among all these form of time the present form of life is very much important even other two forms are also important but present time is the only time on which future exist. If real time will be use effectively then upcoming time that is the future will be automatically effective. Learning lessons from past and fixing those lessons in present will surely lead u to become successful. If you will¬† value the time ,the time will value you.


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