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Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Most individuals confuse the phrases artificial intelligence and machine learning and do not understand the distinction. Even though machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, these two phrases refer to distinct ideas. So, it is possible to say that artificial intelligence is a broad field of study in which machine learning is just a small aspect.

Machine learning refers to the methodologies and techniques that enable machines to recognize patterns, make decisions, and upgrade themselves via knowledge and data. On the other hand, artificial intelligence refers to the abilities of computers to mimic human cognition and complete tasks in real-world settings.

AI vs ML

Fundamentally, computer engineers and software engineers develop artificial intelligence systems by using the following tools:

  • machine learning
  • natural language processing
  • deep learning
  • computer vision

Below is a summary of the distinctions between artificial intelligence and machine learning and their current applications in big and small enterprises.

Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the study and development of robots and computer systems capable of mimicking and exceeding human intelligence. Thus, without human intervention, AI-enabled systems may evaluate and interpret data to offer information or initiate activities autonomously.

Artificial intelligence is behind several technologies, including smart gadgets and voice assistants like Google Assistant on Android devices. Moreover, companies are adopting technologies like computer vision and natural language processing — the capability of computers to utilize human language and comprehend images — to streamline jobs, speed up decision-making, and allow chatbots for consumer interactions.

What Does Machine Learning Involve?

The process of machine learning leads to artificial intelligence. Further, this subset of artificial intelligence uses algorithms that automatically gain insights and detect trends from data, then apply this knowledge to better judgments.

Programmers determine the extent to which they can enhance a computer network's perception, intelligence, and behavior by researching and exploring machine learning.

The sophisticated form of machine learning known as deep learning takes things one step further. Likewise, deep learning models employ vast neural networks. For instance, these networks behave like the human brain to interpret data rationally. Also, they assist in understanding complicated patterns and provide predictions without human intervention.

This table will help to simplify both the concepts:

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence enables machines to replicate human behavior.

Machine learning is a kind of artificial intelligence that enables machines to automatically learn from previous information without explicit programming.

AI aims to create intelligent computer systems that can solve complicated issues like humans.

The purpose of machine learning is to enable computers to gain knowledge from data to provide correct output.

In artificial intelligence, we create intelligent computers that can execute any work like a human.

In machine learning, we instruct computers with data to execute a certain job and provide an accurate output.

Machine learning and deep learning are the two most important subsets of artificial intelligence.

Deep learning is the most important subset of machine learning.




Businesses must be able to convert their information into useful data to be competitive in almost every sector. AI and machine learning allow businesses to automate a range of manual procedures involving data and decision-making.

By integrating AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Ml(machine learning) within their processes and strategic goals, leaders can comprehend and respond to data-driven insights more quickly and effectively.

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