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B.Pharm Course Details: Course Overview, Eligibility, Admission Process & Alternative Course

Before pursuing a B.pharm course it is important to know what it curtails. This gives you an idea of what pharmacy education will bring to you in the long run. Considering that there is a wide range of pharmacy colleges available in each state, it is important to know the basic details that remain the same irrespective of your course. Apart from this course, there is also an alternative course available for a person to pursue like D.pharma.

Course overview

BPharm Course Details

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.pharma) is an undergraduate degree in pharmacy. Dispensing medications that have been prescribed to patients is one of a pharmacist’s key responsibilities. A pharmacist must have a thorough understanding of each medication, its functions, and dose, as well as how it affects different people.

A student who pursues this degree at a top pharmacy college will be trained and schooled in a wide range of courses, including biology, biochemistry, physiology, pharmaceutical chemistry, medicine, and much more. After graduation, they will be able to work in any position within the sector, whether it is on a practical level or as a researcher.

Course duration

As a pharmacy degree, this is a 4-years course that has been divided into 8 semesters. Each semester lasts for 6 months, where the students are required to attend and pass 1 theoretical external examination. In a top pharmacy institute in Uttar Pradesh, some of the semesters also have practical exams in various subjects like clinical pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and even community pharmacy.

Course eligibility

To be able to pursue this course, a student has to be from a science background with either mathematics, or biology, or both as their main subject. The student should have also passed their 12th-grade board examination from any of the recognized boards with top marks. In addition, each pharmacy college also has its specific eligibility criteria that should be checked beforehand.

Course admission process

To get admission into a pharmacy college in greater Noida, students must meet all of the eligibility criteria with a minimum mark score of 50%. A lot of colleges offer a position based on merit. Here seats are given to students who have scored high in their board examination and on the entrance test. In the best pharmacy institute, seats are given to students who scored well in pharmacy entrance examinations like NIPER JEE (National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Joint Entrance Exam) and GPAT (Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test).

Alternative course

D.pharm or Diploma in Pharmacy is an entry-level course that has a duration period of two years. The course mainly focuses on preparing students who want to work in the pharmaceutical sector but do not want to pursue a B.pharm. As an alternative, the eligibility criteria are the same as a B.pharma, as it also requires a minimum 50% aggregate. Though the course period is shorter, it provides close to the same amount of education and job opportunities as that of a B.pharm.

With all these possibilities in mind, applying for a B.pharm course in a top institute like Accurate Groups of Institution guarantees a 100% placement. This ensures that the students are prepared and ready to face the pharmacy world.

Skit Performance

The students of B.Pharm and D.Pharm gave stage performances on 14-02-2020 by acting on different skit like a cyber act, Gabbar act, sports advertisements, and comedy act. Everyone enjoyed these performances and the whole environment filled with laughter and joy. At the last Dr. Dev Prakash (principle) appraised students for their wonderful acting.

Program Coordinator – Kalpana Singh

Poster Presentation

Accurate college of pharmacy conducted poster presentation on 7/2/2020, in which B.pharm students present their posters on various topics like Coronavirus etiology, environmental issues, glycolysis, SN1 and SN2 reactions, Digestive system, skeletal system, etc.. The motive of presenting poster was to provide WHO guidance and management on current outbreak of coronavirus and to emphasize on the role of biochemical reactions occurring inside human body. Lastly, Dr. Dev Prakash (Principle) appraised students and team for their hard work and gave tips for more improved performance. The program is conducted under the guidance of program coordinator Ms. Kalpana Singh.