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The Best BTech College in Greater Noida - There are many colleges, which offer the BTech education in Greater Noida. The fees structure of these colleges is almost similar and affordable. I chose Best Engineering college in greater Noida which is Accurate institute of management & technology. Let me just explain you my experience during my B.Tech Years and then you can decide for yourself that if accurate institute of technology is best engineering college in greater Noida.

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Best BTech College in Greater Noida

Best BTech College in Greater Noida

Faculty: Our Faculty at Accurate Institute of technology are very helpful and supportive. They help us in clearing all the doubts whenever we face any difficulty. They also guide us apart from the classes and make us capable of solving the problems on our own . The faculty at Accurate, greater Noida are overall a great bunch. They are friendly and will always try to help you in any way possible.

Campus: The campus is very well maintained, tidy and clean. In our college there are many societies that help you to improve your extra-curricular activities along with their regular works. These societies include:

1. NCC: National Cadet Corps - Helps you to develop leadership skills and sense of discipline among students as it is an Army based training program, NCC will help students to learn various self defense techniques like firing shots with a rifle, Air Rifle shooting etc)

2. Youth Red Cross Society: Help students generate empathetic character and become a better citizen.

3. Engineering competitions: people from our batch has participated in MOON buggy race organised by NASA, it was such a nice and proud feeling for all of us that our colleagues have represented our country at such a huge international stage.

4. Fun: We have witnessed several celebrities coming and addressing students and sharing there experience, even some came for our annual fest and freshers party. we enjoyed a lot during those celebrations.

5. College Study Outlook: As far as my experience is concerned, I am an average student of computer science engineering and i feel the faculty is good. They are very supportive and helpful in their nature. I have selected this college as my first choice, here is the reason why: I searched all the top ranking institutes in your list and read their reviews.

Here is a comparison of what I found important:

Placement records of this college is quite nice compared to other similar colleges.

College administration is not money hungry and we have not witnessed any unnecessary demand for money apart from given scheduled fee payments.

Location as Accurate Institute of technology is located at the heart of the knowledge park, student's life is easier in terms of commute or other facilities.

Decide wisely and all the best.

Best BTech College in Greater Noida

Accurate Institute of Management and Technology - Best Engineering College in Greater Noida and Uttar Pradesh

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