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B.Tech. Course brings a feeling of proudness in Indian families, even today students who pursue B.Tech . from a reputed institute or a city like Greater Noida, are considered to be very bright. Its Often assumed that B.Tech. Degree will pave a secure future for them. And most often this assumption is right. B.Tech. Degree provides ample opportunities for students to build a shock proof career. But it is observed that slowly and steadily most B.Tech. Branches are losing is sheen when compared to B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering, even core Branches like Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering now have relatively high usage of computers in their day-to-day jobs. Another point which goes in favour of Computer science engineering is that Most Upcoming Technologies like Machine Learning &Artificial Engineering can be termed as sub-branches of Computer Science engineering. Advancement in computer technology is much faster than any other engineering branch and that’s because its highly industry relevant. Few surveysestimate there are almost 2 lakh fresher jobs are offered in India each year for Computer Science Engineering.

Best Engineering Colleges in Greater Noida

Lets have a look What are the major job opportunities for computer Science Engineering graduates.

Best Computer Science Engineering in Greater Noida

#Full stack Developers-

This is a widely popular choice for B.Tech. Graduates as this job role have good number openings across sectors. A full stack developer creates a roadmap for website or Web application development and this sub division of Computer Science Engineering is well in demand there are billions of websites on web, and this number is going to grow further you can imagine the chance for Passionate and qualified Engineers in this field.

#Game Developers-

Electronic and computer games will be a USD 314 Billion Industry by year 2026. This makes gaming, one of the most prominent entertainment sectors, Although gaming is altogether a different career path but computer engineer can also have a bright career in gaming development and allied fields.

#Blockchain Developers-

If you can have mastery over programming languages like Simplicity, Solidity, Rholang, C++, JavaScript etc. then there are fare chances for your success in Blockchain technology, which is used in cryptocurrencies, securely sharing data, create highly secure Tracking systems, Real Time processing of IoT systems etc. It is an upcoming technology and present humungous opportunities for B.Tech. CSE Graduates.

#Computer Network Architects-

This Job is also in great demand and B.Tech. Graduates in Computer science can find a good employment opportunity in this sector. Computer network architects are computer engineers who Design, build, and maintain Networking and data communication Systems. These Computer science engineers design, develop, and maintain systems like Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), Extranets & Intranet etc. Generally, a computer network Architect work with Chief Technology Officer of the company.

#Big Data Engineer OR Data Scientist-

Best Computer Science Engineering in Greater Noida

You might have already heard the term “Data is the new Oil”. This term is relevant to several aspects of Data Science, for example Like OIL (Read Crude Oil) Data is useless without proper refining similar to oil, to make big data Essentially Data Science is a branch of study, in which we learn to gather data, process the data and then generate meaningful reports from data, which can positively affect business or organisational goals. In the year 2020 there was almost 3 lakh listings related to Data science vacancies across India, and this is when Data science considered to be in teen years of lifecycle, you can imagine the opportunity present in this field of computer science engineering.

#Machine Learning Engineers-

Computer scientist across the world is developing algorithms and programs to generate artificial intelligence in computers and machines. AI is the most upcoming field within the computer science domain. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and basically Machine learning is an application or set of applications/programs to prepare machines to learn from data without being manually instructed to do so. Demand for Machine learning engineers is emerging as almost all sector of businesses now looking forward to using machine learning to perfect their processes, generate error free data processing and fetching business support activities to maximize profits.

#Information Security Analyst-

A person who can gauge security threats to a computer environment and present it in actionable items are referred as information security analyst. This sub sector of computer Sciences is vastly popular Tech Savvy B.Tech. Graduates.

Best Computer Science Engineering in Greater Noida

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