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Indian computer engineers have created a buzz in the world through working hard and fetching some of the most coveted jobs in the world of computers and technology. Computer sciences or computer engineering has become a go-to choice for budding engineers. But as we all know computer engineering is a vast field and scope of computer sciences is getting wider and deeper with each passing day. New and emerging technologies will change the computer engineering in next decade as we have witnessed in last decade. So, the question is what the emerging trends in computer science engineering are?

Best Engineering Colleges in Greater Noida

Best Computer Science Engineering Institute in Greater Noida

Let us look at upcoming branches of B.Tech. Computer science engineering,

Best Computer Science Engineering Institute in Greater Noida

B.Tech. of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence & machine learning):

The most sought after & upcoming trend in computer science engineering is ArtificialIntelligence and machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) mimics human intelligence, like humans gather information and inputs and then slowly starts producing outcomes/results/ decisions as they grow older. Similarly, AI enabled machines will process data, inputs, with set of prefilled knowledge to imitate intelligence. Machine Learning is subset of Artificial intelligence and basically Machine learning is an application or set of applications/programs to prepare machines to learn from data without being manually instructed to do so.
These two Field of engineering have huge scope in terms of employment in near as well as long future. Computers are growing in computing power, we want to automate systems as much as possible so that human dependency can be reduced. In this endeavour humans will need more and more engineers who understand artificial intelligence, In other words there is great scope for engineers in upcoming field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

All who have genuine interest in learning new technologies, strong command (or willingness to acquire) over programming languages, are suitable for learning in emerging domains of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

B.Tech. in Computer Science (Internet of things):

We use internet in our everyday life, at the same time we use manually operated appliances such as manually operated air-conditioners, Manual use of home appliances, driving our vehicles etc. now imagine a situation where these objects are interacting with each other or additional equipment’s and performing there task as expected, automatically. for example you have programmed your air conditioner to start at sharp 6:30 PM so that once you reach home at 6:45 you will enter into a chilled home, OR you may ask your digital assistant to arrange a travel to some place where you want to reach at 10AM on specific date and your self-driving car will make itself available Infront of your door at 9:30Am which is the expected departure time.
This kind of super convenient automation is possible by using Internet of things Technologies. Internet of things describes a network of Objects which are connected through sensors, programs, software to exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet.
IOT devices are the next big thing, with emergence of Big Data technologies and faster internet its evitable that humans will be making machines more autonomous and self-functional. IOT is poised to become the next big thing hence scope for employment and growth in extremely well in this branch of Engineering studies.
Unlike AI, IOT require not only software knowledge but understanding of machines (things) too. So, if you understands computer programs, enjoy working with sensors, interested in studying various computer systems and processes, also have keen interest in IOT technology then IOT engineering can be your preferred and suitable destination.

Best Computer Science Engineering Institute in Greater Noida

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