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With Ever changing technology world new tech and application of it is developing on a extremely fast pace. If you are a student planning to study technologies Or a tech enthusiast looking forward to catch a trend about what’s upcoming in tech world, this article will help you take a sneak peek into Emerging careers trends in engineering and technology.

Best Engineering Colleges in Greater Noida

Best Engineering Campus in Greater Noida & Delhi NCR

Best Engineering Campus in Greater Noida & Delhi NCR


Let us start with mighty upcoming technology called as nano technology, Nano science & Nano Technology is the study and application of materials at a molecular level, because Size of molecular level materials is gauged in Nano meter that’s why name Nano Technology is given to this tech. Nano tech has big usage in healthcare, defence, home care and industrial applications and many more. We have already started seeing some of its applications such as water replant clothing and shoes, Dust replant wall paints, Nano tech-based superglues etc. as humans have developed a microscope by which we can see molecular level substances in 1980’s, we can say that nano tech is right now in its infancy and will grow super-fast in upcoming years.


Bioinformatics is another upcoming field which has a bright future. According to WIKIPEDIA: Bioinformatics is a field that develops methods and software tools for understanding biological data, in particular when the data sets are large and complex. As we are aware. Biological data can be super large to even comprehend just for example You might have seen spiral representative pictures of human DNA, that spiral is called a base pare, a human genome contains about 3 billion of such base pairs. Now to do a Genome sequencing which involves figuring out the exact order of all 3 billion of these DNA nucleotides, a task which would not have been possible without massive amounts of computing power. Traditionally biology and computers were treated as two extremely separate streams of studies, but with advent of biotechnology it is evident that these two disciplines will have to work together. As an upcoming career field bioinformatics present great opportunity.

Data Science:

Data is everywhere from App Usage to search keywords, from marketplaces to colleges, from clinics to offices, from smartphones to supercomputers, we are generating & gathering data at an exuberant level. You might have already heard the term “Data is the new Oil”. This term is truly relevant to several aspects of Data Science, for example Like OIL (Read Crude Oil) Data also needs processing as OIL, which makes Data (& OIL) usable. Essentially Data Science is a branch of study, in which we learn to gather data, process the data and then generate meaningful reports from data, which can positively affect business or organisational goals. Now why we have kept it number one in the future proof list, because right now data science is in its teen years, and it will flourish further in upcoming decades. Today you cannot find an industry which is not using data to their benefits, and with time this trend will go higher so does the demand for professionals in this field. So, it’s safe to assume that if someone pursue B.Tech. in computer science with a major in Data Science then there will be enough opportunities for her/him once they complete the degree.

Artificial Intelligence:

computing power is increasing and now computers are more powerful than ever, with more computing power, modern computers can accomplish tasks which felt seemingly impossible a few years ago. As we just read that data is available in humongous quantities and with new techniques usable conclusions can be made from the data. If we provide computers an ability to learn from experience and available data then we will be able to automate several tasks in a much impactful way, and this is what Artificial intelligence is striving to accomplish, in simpler words, an Intelligence created by humans which is a set of algorithms that can produce outcomes without explicitly instructed to do so. Artificial Intelligence (AI) mimics human intelligence, like human babies gathering information and inputs and then slowly starts producing outcomes/results/ decisions as they grow. Similarly, AI enabled machines are expected to process inputs, data, and a predefined set of knowledge to imitate intelligence and act and think on its own. Currently AI is in its infant stage and is called Weak AI, next comes General AI & the third version would be called Strong AI. AI is expected to grow at an amazingly fast pace, one can compare the current AI situation to, early 70s situation for computers, in 3-4 decades computers have taken over almost every aspect of human lives, Similar kind of expansion is expected from AI.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and basically Machine learning is an application or set of applications/programs to prepare machines to learn from data without being manually instructed to do so. Consider that, with help of ML, doctors may be able to predict serious diseases like cancer or diabetes with the help of technology at an exceedingly early stage. Or programs which can detect cyber-attacks, its patterns, vulnerabilities & remedies automatically. As a practical & implementable subset of AI, machine learning will have faster career opportunities, in fact companies have already started working and Machine Learning engineer’s demand have started gaining traction for middle career professionals. As this field of engineering will grow then it is expected to have large demands for entry level, mid senior & senior level professionals as well. So, if you decide to understand the nuances of machine learning during your B.Tech. degree then chances are that you will find ample opportunities in the machine learning space in the upcoming future once you complete your degree with flying colours.

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Best Engineering Campus in Greater Noida & Delhi NCR

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