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B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering Or commonly known as B.Tech.(CSE) is becoming a go to degree for most engineering aspirants. We see almost half of the enrolments in Engineering is for B.Tech. Computer Science. Yet there are good number of freshers looking for a decent job in IT field. Reason for this situation may be many but today we are going to discuss the solution. In the article going ahead, we will discuss about,
How To prepare your self for A good offer from IT companies? & What should you do to land an offer from a good IT company?
Let us look for the answers but before start with understanding a few things.

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Academics and its role in Job Markets:

Academics have its role to compete in job market but often this role is exaggerated, whereas need of the hour is that we should have balanced approached. A good aggregate between70-80% is sufficient to prove that someone was good at studies and gained knowledge during their college time and that’s what most companies are looking at. Its not that an aggregate of 90% will hurt someone, it’s good to have better score, but if someone has to choose between an aggregate of say 75% + time invested in Learning practical side of programming & 90% aggregate and no time for Practical learning than person should choose first option with 75% aggregate. Reason is simple companies looks for people who can help them work on projects faster and make useful contribution to teams. Companies are not there to train someone they are there to do business. If you prove yourself useful to their team you are selected for the job but if you think your academics will show your worth, then you are mistaken. Job Markets are practical and harsh but rewarding, so prepare yourself for the jobs by becoming more team friendly and show your calibur through technology expertise.

Patterns and Preparation

Technology is an everchanging field understand this from a very handy example, Microsoft has withdrawn support from Windows seven few months ago which means its outdated and now no official channel to get support from, now imagine an engineer who has worked on windows 7 only and not upgraded him/herself for next update of technology will slowly become useless for Job markets. This example clearly state that engineering professionals (or wannabe Professionals) must keep them updated otherwise they will become obsolete in job markets. By same logic engineering students should also keep themselves updated about upcoming technologies and patterns, if possible, get exposure of new technologies as soon as you can. Prepare for the tech rounds. Do some projects and gain practical experience even if its non-paid.

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Choice and Options

Everyone has choices when they have right time, and wise are those who utilizes the choices in their favour. Everyone had a choice to go to movie with friends OR to utilize the same time on Top Coder practicing JAVA. This applies on 4 years long time of study in B.Tech. Your institute has limited reasonability and no college can control your personal choices but if you are sincere enough to understand the importance of choice than you will make right choices.

Secondly about options, a B. tech Degree has lot of career options, and this does not limit to only Software development jobs, one should choose his/her options carefully and wisely with consideration to their personal strengths, inclinations, and interests. I will List down various career choice after B.Tech. below for your convenience, Exercise your choice and then prepare for it, No Goal Is big enough to become not achievable, you want to land a job at google choose your field where you feel most comfortable and then put your 100% to gain world class expertise, you will have that dream Job sooner than you think.

Now as we have set the priorities straight let us find what needs to be done,

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Think through clearly about what is your career goals are? Understand well, what languages or skills you must have to be able to become what you want. Then search for resources, ask your faculties, take help from peers and seniors, and work hard to have world class expertise in programming, write codes or develop desired skills. And this phase should start as early as possible preferably from 1st semester to 3rd semester understand where industry is heading, what are immerging technologies and most importantly what suits you best. Post 4th semester onward work hard on developing the skills which you enjoy the most and good at the same time.


Apart from college placements, try giving interviews at various walk-in and coding competition off-campus recruitments. Do not get disheartened if you face rejection at first few tries. Learn why you were not selected prepare and try again. The more you try the better you will become in your craft. Also not forget that you need to build your online profile in a manner which shows that you love your craft for example if you are a coder build your profile on website like GitHub, Codechef & Hackerearth OR if you are into website development then create a good-looking & functional website for yourself. These steps prove your credibility.


Pick your offers carefully, if it is not something which you enjoy and still must grab it due some reason, no issue but remember your goal and strive for that diligently until you have what you desired.

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Its ok if you are pursuing your B.Tech. but not interested in coding below I am listing some interesting career options for you.

Front End Developer

Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc and you are good to follow step B onwards.

Business Analyst/Testing

Good with business side communication analyst can be a perfect job for you. Pursue online course gain experience as business analyst via projects and you are good.

Support Profiles

If you are good in interaction, keen on helping people with technology and loves such roles then you can opt for support profile roles which is abundant in industry.

Hardware Engineers

As name suggest if you open up your computer every now and then and able to make it work again you, might consider hardware profiles as well.

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Apart from these technical profiles you can also opt for various other government and private sector jobs as you B.Tech. Degree makes you eligible for almost all other options out there. Continue reading this space for more career guidance and knowledge.

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