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Accurate Institute of Science and Technology, Greater Noida took the top spot at the NASA Moon Buggy Race. The institute’s team performed very well at prestigious NASA sponsored competition Team displayed the Indian flag in the grander stand and it made headlines across India.

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Top Engineering Educational College

What is a Moon Buggy Race?

The moon buggy race was a challenge where the participants had to build a vehicle that could drive on rough terrain, The participants competed with their designs in an attempt to achieve the longest distance travelled. The race was sponsored by NASA, and first started way back in 1994. Accurate Institute of technology was amongst the finest engineering educational colleges participating in the prestigious event. The NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge, prior to 2014 referred to as the Great Moon buggy Race, is an annual competition for high school and college students to design, build, and race human-powered, collapsible vehicles over simulated lunar/Martian terrain.

How Accurate Group of Institute Greater Noida, Made the Indian Flag High at Nasa Moon Buggy Race?

Accurate Group of Institute, Greater Noida has always been a place where people from all over the world come together to learn & celebrate the learning. The Institute has contributed in many ways to the country's educational development, and this was evident in the Nasa Moon Buggy Race which had Accurate Team as one of the top contenders. The great Initiative by Accurate Group of Institute, Greater Noida not only helped in making a tradition of engineering learning excellence but also represented Indian innovative spirits which made the whole education fraternity proud.

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