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What is a Masters of Computer Application Degree?

A Masters of Computer Application degree is a 2-year Post graduate-level degree in Computer Application that offers students the opportunity to specialize in areas such as data management, computer programming and web design. A learning rich masters of computer application degree is offered by Accurate group of institutes, Gr. Noida. Let’s understand about salary packages of MCA pass-out candidates.

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Top MCA College in Greater Noida

Top MCA College in Greater Noida

What is a Computer Application Masters Salary?

MCA graduates can easily find job opportunities for themselves within the MCA industry. The advanced technical skills that are taught in an MCA program make it easier for graduates to excel in IT fields. You can explore further your career options by learning about different specializations offered and salary packages, ensuring you have a strong resume before finishing your program.

Entry-level MCA graduates in India could expect to earn Rs 2-3 lakh per annum. While experienced professionals have an opportunity to earn between 20-22 lakh per annum. These relatively high salaries are the result of the huge growth opportunities in the field of data analytics. The key to professional improvement is working on skill sets, which will enhance your earning prospects.

Unlike many other jobs, graduates of MCA are always in demand. With traditional roles rapidly declining, there is a significant increase in demand for programmers and analysts that lie at the heart of business intelligence. The salary of an MCA graduate varies depending on the profile they enter, their skills, location, and employer. MCA's are skilled professionals that are required to deliver proficiency in varied areas, include marketing, deep analytics, or coding skills.

MCA Salaries on the basis of specialisations

  • MCA in Cloud Computing: The worldwide cloud market is all set to exceed the US $ 330 Billion according to Gartner’s prediction. Cloud computing is something that is still getting explored and holds a lot of potentials to grow in the coming years. Many companies have realised the potential that cloud computing holds and are investing heavily in this new field. More earnings are on offer for MCA graduates with cloud computing graduation specialization, on average 7.94 LPA per annum. An entry level applicant might earn 6.Lakh/annum.
  • MCA in Artificial Intelligence: Just few years ago, Artificial intelligence was merely a theoretical science, with computer programmers and coders able to debate its tangible side effects. However artificial intelligence is now an integral part of our lives. In 2020, according to Gartner, 2.3 million job opportunities derived from AI will be created! The opportunities for MCA graduates with artificial intelligence as their specialization are tremendous. As per the PayScale survey, the average salaries for an MCA graduate with AI specialization around 3 lakh per annum for entry level jobs.
  • MCA in MIS: MIS stands for management information systems, the study of people, technology, and organization. This area helps with decision-making by controlling hardware and software systems, plus it helps with filing databases of information, which is useful for governance and data management. MIS graduates are in high demand because their qualifications offer a better work experience to take the higher positions within the company. The average salary for an MCA graduate's specialization in MIS can range from Rs.2.94 lakh per annum to Rs 8Lakh per annum.
  • MCA in full stack development: MCA graduates who pursue full stack development as their major provide the best return on investment with good pay checks. As online stores across the internet become more popular, demand for high-quality full stack developers has skyrocketed. With new career opportunities presented to graduates, there is plenty of opportunity for growth in this extensible technological field. An entry level job in full stack development can get you a package of Rs. 2.5 to 6 lakh per annum.
  • MCA in Data Science: The Indian data science industry has grown over 33% and continues to grow, which means many students are attracted to this specialization due to the demand for specialists. There is also an average salary of Rs.7 LPA offered for specialists in the field.


Masters of Computer Application degree is a post graduate program that prepares graduates for positions at IT companies, software agencies and in-house IT departments. For those who want to earn a computer application master’s degree, the first step is understanding what type of candidates are looking for in an argument.

Top MCA College in Greater Noida

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