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We can see a craze of pursuing Engineering course B.Tech. This phenomenon is mostly because several myths are quite popular in society. It’s a common misconception that pursuing an engineering degree can get you a lucrative job and if you pursue any post graduate degree after B.Tech. then you will get several times more remuneration. Today we are going to discuss some very popular myths around engineering.

Engineering in India

Top Ranked Engineering College

Pursue engineering and become rich:

First thing first, the most common misconception is that engineering course completion is guarantee for a very high paying job / career. Engineers who are getting highlighted in newspapers are mostly super successful entrepreneurs with loads of stars on their shoulder, engineering is just one of their degrees they become rich by learning things and innovating in a very fast manner. So the key to financial success is hard work and acquiring new skills continuously not acquiring one degree and sit on it waiting for miracle to happen.

Top Ranked Engineering College

Engineers are Smartest:

This is also very widely popular myth which surrounds engineering courses. Yes, it’s true that completing an engineering course takes dedicated hard work and requires a certain level of IQ, but so does most of the professional courses. Pursuing and completing and engineering degree doesn’t mean that person becomes smartest they remain same. Nowadays some colleges attract mediocre talent pool to pursue engineering and with sole intention of earning more and more through fees. Thus, getting an engineering degree is not a guarantee to become a world class smart person. Like every other desirable thing it takes some focus, determination, and hard work to acquire wit to use knowledge in smart manner.

B.Tech. Followed by MBA:

Top Ranked Engineering College

Nowadays it feels like most people think that MBA is compulsory after someone completes an engineering degree from a top ranked engineering campus. Truth is you can be successful without one.

MBA degree is good to understand business problems and their solutions but if you are an engineering enthusiast then B.Tech. alone can open success gates for you. MBA provides you managerial positions but if you have general business acumen and understands the engineering aspect better then even engineering degree alone can take you places.

If You are an M.Tech. then you can solve any problem:

Top Ranked Engineering College

If you are under impression that a post-graduation will make you super human and then you will be able to solve any problem then you are wrong my friend. M.Tech. is good but if you don’t have knowledge of implementing the engineering concepts in real life your degrees will fail you, so while pursuing engineering, whether B.Tech. or M.Tech. one must focus of practical/ industrial implementation of engineering concepts and that will help you more than anything.

I hope we’ve been able to clear some of your misconceptions about engineering.
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All the best.

Top Ranked Engineering College

Top Ranked Engineering College

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