Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture

The current day building is largely based on the materials resultant from the surroundings around us i.e., the environment. Construction behavior use the forms of energy and the natural resources on a large scale with the making of huge quantities of by-products. This is leading to the utilization of the assets of the earth on a much faster rate than the regeneration of these resources. Similarly the production of tonnes of by-products is introducing redundant materials into the environment as a result, further polluting it. The present day world is experiencing a number of problems like the different kinds of pollution (air, water, land and noise pollution), shortage of the natural resources etc. All this highlights the very need of protecting the environment and preserving it for the future generations, points towards the high need of adopting a sustainable way of construction and architecture.

Green architecture is a method of design that minimizes the impact of building on the environment. Green architecture is an outcome of a design which focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use.

Sustainability means creating an economic system that provides for quality of life while renewing the environment and its resources.

Green buildings incorporate energy and water efficient technologies that are not as readily available in traditional buildings. These technologies create a healthier and more comfortable environment as they utilize renewable energy, reduce waste, and decrease heating and cooling expenses.

Sustainable design is not restricted to new build properties. There are many government scheme that make these sustainable upgrade more attractive and inexpensive for homeowners and business owners alike. It can also be applied to existing buildings to make them more energy-efficient. Solar panels, insulation, and newer, low-energy heating systems are all simple and effective ways of making a property more ‘green’ in design and operation.

The most sustainable buildings are the ones that are designed and overseen by green architects from the theoretical step onwards. Innovative and unique eco-friendly designs can be implemented into practically every stage of the process, allowing these architects to create a building that consumes little energy while utilizing the most advanced methods that sustainable technology can offer.

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