Architecture Program


1. You will become a luminous Problem Solver.

Architecture school teaches you to take a pile of data and information and understand it to inform how to design a building or solve a problem.

The answers never come right away, they come through examination of the problem and many many version of trial and mistake until inward at a perfect key.

This is called the design process.

The same plan process and logic used to design a building can be used to solve many problems that have zilch to do with architecture.

Once you learn and discover what your design process is, it will change how you move toward troubles in all areas of life.

2. You will Travel The planet

Everyone who studies architecture must travel around how populace live in other parts of the world.

Even quarrel that people don’t even know what architecture is, until they have gotten out of their bubble and visited buildings on the other side of the world to see how other populace live and interrelate with their environment.

Itinerant is a obligation for all architecture students.

3. You will  think out of the box.

Architecture school is all about looking at tribulations from many different directions It’s ALL about the journey that students go on to reach your destination.

4. You will find out your capabilities.

The sum of personal enlargement that happens during the years of architecture school is mind blowing! Students enter as freshman totally intimidated by the work that thesis students are producing, and 5 years later they themselves are producing the same amount of work.

each person is capable of so much more than they think they are. Architecture school is an astonishing occasion to test your restrictions of what you think is likely.

5. You will change your life after studying Architecture.

It will alter how you see the world and in the end change your life. You will graduate as a radically dissimilar person then when you started. Architecture school isn’t easy and it’s not supposed to be.  The reason of architecture school is to create strong, dynamic, smart , well curved graduates who are ready to move into the next stage of flattering an architect.

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