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Governing Body is constituted as per the UGC guidelines/affiliating University for smooth running of the academic and research activities.


  • 1Establish, disseminate, and achieve the institution’s mission.
  • 2Recruit, appoint, support, and evaluate the chief executive officer to lead the institution.
  • 3Charge the chief executive with the task of leading a strategic planning process, participate in that process, approve the strategic plan, and monitor its progress.
  • 4Ensure the institution’s fiscal integrity, preserve, and protect its assets for posterity, and engage directly in fundraising and philanthropy.
  • 5Ensure the educational quality of institution and its academic programs.
  • 6Preserve and protect the institutional autonomy and academic freedom.
  • 7Ensure that institutional policies and processes are current and properly implemented.
  • 8In concert with senior administration, engage regularly with the institution’s major constituencies.

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